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A Brief History of Horton House

Horton House is a charitable, non profit organisation which was made possible following a bequest from one of the citizens of Yass. On March 17 1982, Elsie Horton died and left a bequest for the establishment of a nursing home in Yass. Elsie had a dream to assist the people of Yass and entrusted this task to several members of the community. The Yass Committee for the Care of the Aged was formed out of a meeting held on August 1 1984 where overwhelming support was gained from the community of Yass for the construction of the nursing home.

In 1990 The Yass Nursing Home Foundation Inc. was born to head up the fund-raising program needed to raise sufficient money to enable construction. The community of Yass raised just over one third the cost of the project, the remainder coming from the Commonwealth government and Miss Horton’s bequest. The Foundation Stone was laid on April 7 1991 and the nursing home opened on September 26 1992.

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